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AMSOIL Engine Degreaser

AMSOIL Engine Degreaser
AMSOIL Engine Degreaser
Product Highlight
Engine Degreaser (AED) is a professional-strength formula packed with powerful degreasing solvents that quickly and easily remove the toughest grease, dirt and grime from engine surfaces. Just spray it on and wash off with water.
Product Description
Performance Features

- Removes the toughest grease, dirt and grime
- Leaves no residue
- Easy to use
- Powerful stream
- Safe on all engine components


- Ensure engine is off and cool.
- Cover any unsealed items that may be sensitive to water such as the distributor, air filter, air intake system, carburetor, electronic controls and electrical components. Limit contact on all under-hood wiring and electronic sensors.
- Shake well and apply generously to dry engine.
- Allow to soak for 15 minutes. Brush heavy deposit areas.
- Rinse with water from the top down.
- When complete, remove added coverings and replace any removed parts. Start engine and idle to ensure complete drying.
- Repeat procedure as necessary.

Note: Wipe product from exterior painted surfaces immediately. Avoid use of Engine Degreaser on asphalt or other surfaces affected by organic solvents. Do not use highly pressurized water to clean engine.

AMSOIL Engine Degreaser is available in 15-ounce spray cans.
Product Size
Code Package Size Unit of Measure Product
AEDSC (AEDSC-EA) 15-Oz. Spray Can Each Engine Degreaser
AEDSC (AEDSC-CA) 15-Oz. Spray Can Case of 12 Engine Degreaser